Catering Flair Bar 2in1

As a manufacturer of portable solutions we want to offer you very practical Catering Flair folding mobile bars 2in1 for sale! This model is equipped with two counters! One is 160 cm, the other 300 cm long, and they are attached to both sides of the workshop. Even though the worktop is way bigger than the regular one, these mobile bars for sale are still portable and easy to travel with and assemble. They still can fit into a transport case even with the counters.

The extra counters do not change the functionality of the product – thanks to 4 additional legs it still remains stable and practical during work. What is more, our products can even hold a weight of a 10 kg coffee machine! The additional attachments do not change the weight of the product very much.

Mobile bars for sale in our store can be folded up within 3 minutes! The product guarantees the best work experience at various events, even in small spaces. They are manufactured from water-resistant materials, so they are very durable even when working with all kinds of liquids.


Length 160 cm / 300 cm
Width 50 cm
Height 115 cm
Weight 30 kg
Worktop : worktop 1 = 50 cm x 160 cm / worktop 2 = 50 cm x 300 cm
Serving Counter 20-30 cm x 160 cm
Box Size 35cm/55cm/90cm
Color Black / White
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