Catering Vip Bar 2in1

Catering Vip Bar 2in1 -  has the same structure as Mobile Vip Bar except that it has two counters ! - the first 160 cm long, and the second 300 cm long – with two extra counters adjusted at both sides of the bar.
This gives us two worktops: 160 cm or 300 cm long, when needed.

The 300 cm long counter comes with 4 additional legs that are assembled with it. The legs make the bar very stable and the counter is able to hold the weight of a coffee machine that weighs more than 10 kg.
All the counters – both 150 cm and 300 cm long fit in in the case together with the bar.

The set-up of this bar takes only 3 minutes!
Full offer of Catering Vip Bar 2in1  variants below - choose your favourite bar !

Length 160 cm / 300 cm
Width 65 cm
Height 120 cm
Weight 30 kg
Worktop : worktop 1 = 65 cm x 160 cm , worktop 2 = 65 cm x 300 cm
Serving Counter 20-30 cm x 160 cm
Box Size 35cm/68cm/95cm
Color Black / White
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