Back Bar

Are you a professional who travels a lot for work to various events and parties looking for a practical module for your work station? If yes, then we would like to offer you mobile back bars for sale! This element is positioned behind mixologists’ back. It means that it takes up not a lot of space and still offers additional room for supplies. It is also easily folded – it takes around 3 minutes to do so.

They are a perfect module for portable folding bars because they can store additional bottles, glass or other necessities behind the mixologist’s back. It is especially handy and helpful during the shows where you need to have a lot of equipment and liqueur near you. The manufacturer offers it also with an additional Plexiglas shelf for the liquor display. It can be lit up with any light source making it more eye-catching and beautiful.

Moreover, they are manufactured in two versatile colors – black and white. There is also an exclusive mobile bar for sale with quilted leather padding at the front and sides of the station. It is an easy way to make the portable workshop more stylish and elegant, perfect for weddings and other special occasions.


Length 160 cm
Width 50 cm
Height 115 cm
Weight 25 kg
Worktop 50 cm x 160 cm
Serving Counter 20 cm x 80 cm
Box Size 35cm/55cm/90cm
Color Black / White
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