Back Bar

Mobile Back Bar - The latest product in our range! Eye-catching and practical back bar – a mobile bar module, positioned behind the bartender’s back is very helpful and makes the whole bar look unique.
Back Bar enables to display bottles and store a lot of glass or other products necessary behind the bar.
Every bartender finds this solution absolutely useful!

Mobile Back Bar comes in black or white colour and in Exclusive version – with quilted front and sides. Eye-catching liquor Plexiglas staircase is an extra option. It can be lighted with any lighting source.
Make your mobile bar look even more spectacular!
The set-up of this bar takes only 3 minutes!
Full offer of Catering Vip Bar 2in1 variants below - choose your favourite bar !

Length 160 cm
Width 50 cm
Height 115 cm
Weight 25 kg
Worktop 50 cm x 160 cm
Serving Counter 20 cm x 80 cm
Box Size 35cm/55cm/90cm
Color Black / White
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